Croydon Disc Golf Club

Sunday Beginner Round

Beginners sessions at 10 am on Sundays are organised on a request basis. If you would like to try the sport on a Sunday Session please contact us a few days in advance so we can arrange a host for you. Email Richard Wood: or contact us via facebook or twitter.

We have been let down on a number of occasions by new players failing to turn up when the club has arranged for members to host the sessions. Please remember that these sessions are run free of charge and are hosted in the club members own time so if you request a session, please turn up!

Play for free!

Remember you can turn up to the course and play at any time. Don't forget to grab a copy of the map (see here) or iPhone app to find your way around the course.

Disc Hire

Disc hire is available on-site. The kind people at the cafe have our discs behind the counter!

  • COST: £2 plus £8 refundable deposit per disc.

Please Note: disc hire is cash only ... cards cannot be taken and there are no cashpoints near, so please bring cash with you. The Cafe is open 9-5 every day. Please make sure you get the disc back to them by close and why not buy a coffee to show your appreciation ;)

Keep the disc

Rather than returning the disc to claim your refund you may choose to keep the disc permanently instead to play another day.